One-to-One Restorative Movement


A personal training package for your very real life.

When you hear 'personal trainer,' you might picture a gym, intimidating fitness machines, and a svelte, young somebody in lycra sweat-wicking gear putting you through the paces.

This is different.

REM privatecoaching1.jpg

I'm Gina. And while I am certified as a 'personal trainer' (and shiatsu practitioner), I'm officially a Restorative Exercise Specialist. Which, in short means, "I teach people how to fill in some of their weak spots with corrective exercises so they can have stronger and more functional bodies."

But, I also help you see that movement -  which our captive* human bodies so desperately need - is so much more encompassing than just exercise. And then figure out how we can get more of that happening in your day-to-day life.

You may have a workout routine. Or yoga practice. Or maybe you haven't been able to get around to that because of an overwhelming work life or family obligations. Perhaps you're older, or have joint replacements (or, are trying to avoid them). The cool thing is that this work isn't just another exercise routine - it's a means of getting your body's not-moving-parts moving again, so you can bring all of yourself to everything you do: your workout, your playtime, your whole real life.


Start here.

Fill out the form. Tell me where you are (movement-wise) and where you want to go.

Rather do it by phone? Schedule a 20 min call.

Moving forward.


The Initial Session

If we decide this work is a match, we’ll schedule your initial session, and I will ask you to fill out this intake form and waiver.

Your first session will be 60-90 minutes, so we have time to get acquainted with the ‘language’ I use. (If you’ve had experience with other bodyworkers, movement teachers, PT’s, etc, I just want to make sure we are clear on the terms we’re using, as there may be some variations.) While there will always be some ‘alignment 101’ foundational movements in these sessions, especially the first one, I may also bring in Qigong, breathing cues, self-massage techniques and more to address your unique construct.

 $80 - 60-90 minutes

Continuing Sessions

In these personalized sessions, we hone in on specific areas you want to address, go further into alignment and walking exercises, and assess what's working and what isn't.

Notes of your sessions and hand-outs of the exercises will be included.

$60 - 45-60 minutes

"Deluxe” Sessions

The same personalized service as above, but will include bodywork as part of the session.

Treatments can include shiatsu, stretching, hara (abdominal) massage, hip alignment- all for the intention of facilitating and complementing your movement practice.

$100 - 75-90 minutes


Who this program is for.


The One-to-One program is for you, if:

~ You are ready and able to take what you learn in our sessions together and practice it in your daily life;

~ You understand that for the body to maintain (or regain) its ability to move, it has to, well, move - throughout the day, every day - not just in one fell swoop at the gym a few times a week. That movement - in the increasingly sedentary culture we find ourselves in - has to be a daily, even moment-to-moment choice you make about how you 'do' life. That while this is not always easy, it's not impossible; and most importantly,

~ You look forward to how much joy you can find 'doing life' with their own bodies again.

Does this mean that you have to be 'exercising' all the time?

Goodness, no. It means that, when you are using your own physical power to 'do life', rather than taking advantage of time and effort-saving conveniences, you are in fact, getting your necessary movement.

When you allow your body to work and support itself - rather than outsourcing to devices that 'make your life easier' - you can actually meet a good deal of your body's 'exercise' requirements.

Hard to believe? ... Maybe.

And yet, while you may agonize over making the time to get to the gym, you have a multitude of opportunities throughout the day to move just a little more: from seeking out parking spaces further from the store (or gym), to sitting on the floor or a backless chair (and easily getting up again), to transitioning to minimal footwear, to performing the activities that touch screens can now accomplish.

If these are the very areas you've been finding it harder or less desirable to do as time goes by, THIS is where our work together really comes in: helping you identify the parts that are making it harder to for your body to move as a whole, and bringing them back to the party.

Maybe not as glamorous as bench-pressing 300 pounds. But, it's the loss of these small movements - over days and years - where we lose ground overall, almost imperceptibly, until we find ourselves in pain, more prone to injury, and unable to be fully self-sufficient.

To be able to walk, sit unsupported, lift, carry, and even hang are not just beneficial for their own sake. The muscular ability to perform these activities (as well as actually performing them regularly) also support your cardio-vascular and lymph systems, bone density, joint mobility, visceral organ functions, balance.

Movement supports your vitality. Your engagement with life. Your sense of purpose and usefulness. And, isn't this how we're meant to live?


How Restorative Movement Personal Training Works

First, we'll determine if this work is a match for you.

1. Begin by filling out and submitting this form. It will tell me where you are - body and mind - in relation to movement, what's going on in your life, and how feasible and realistic a personal training program is for you right now.

We can also chat on the phone, if you prefer. (Schedule a call here.)

2. If we're a match, you can schedule an introductory one-on-one alignment session, which will give us an idea of where your body is, and what would make sense to work on first. This session will lay the groundwork going forward, as well as give you an idea of my teaching style. You'll come away with a couple simple but powerful corrective exercises (along with a hand-out to take with you), ideas for how to move more throughout the day, and possibly some recommendations for bodywork and self-massage techniques.

The goal here is to expand your daily range of motion and movement repertoire.

3. Moving forward you'll have the option to continue with a series of follow up sessions - where we will assess what's working and what isn't, introduce new material as needed, answer questions, and do some bodywork, if appropriate.

During the commitment period, I will be available to answer any questions: via phone, email, and Skype sessions.